Last updated January 5, 2016

First, you'll set up tasks that you want to do in your everyday life. Then, as you complete the tasks in real life and check them off, you'll earn Experience and Gold. Gold is used to buy equipment and some items, as well as custom rewards. Experience causes your character to level up and unlock content such as pets, skills, and quests! For more detail, check out a step-by-step overview of the game at Help -> Overview for New Users.

Good Habits (the ones with a heavy_plus_sign) are tasks that you can do many times a day, such as eating vegetables. Bad Habits (the ones with a heavy_minus_sign) are tasks that you should avoid, like biting nails. Habits with a heavy_plus_sign and a heavy_minus_sign have a good choice and a bad choice, like taking the stairs vs. taking the elevator. Good Habits award Experience and Gold. Bad Habits subtract Health.

Dailies are tasks that you have to do every day, like brushing your teeth or checking your email. You can adjust the days that a Daily is due by clicking the pencil item to edit it. If you skip a Daily that is due, your avatar will take damage overnight. Be careful not to add too many Dailies at once!

To-Dos are your To-Do list. Completing a To-Do earns you Gold and Experience. You never lose Health from To-Dos. You can add a due date to a To-Do by clicking the pencil icon to edit.

The wiki has four lists of sample tasks to use as inspiration:

Your tasks change color based on how well you are currently accomplishing them! Each new task starts out as a neutral yellow. Perform Dailies or positive Habits more frequently and they move toward blue. Miss a Daily or give in to a bad Habit and the task moves toward red. The redder a task, the more rewards it will give you, but if it’s a Daily or bad Habit, the more it will hurt you! This helps motivate you to complete the tasks that are giving you trouble.

There are several things that can cause you to take damage. First, if you left Dailies incomplete overnight, they will damage you. Second, if you click a bad Habit, it will damage you. Finally, if you are in a Boss Battle with your party and one of your party mates did not complete all their Dailies, the Boss will attack you.

The main way to heal is to gain a level, which restores all your Health. You can also buy a Health Potion with Gold from the Rewards column. Plus, at level 10 or above, you can choose to become a Healer, and then you will learn healing skills. If you are in a party (under Social > Party) with a Healer, they can heal you as well.

The best way is to invite them to a party with you, under Social > Party! Parties can go on quests, battle monsters, and cast skills to support each other. You can also join guilds together (Social > Guilds). Guilds are chat rooms focusing on a shared interest or the pursuit of a common goal, and can be public or private. You can join as many guilds as you'd like, but only one party.

For more detailed info, check out the wiki pages on Parties and Guilds.

At level 3, you will unlock the Drop System. Every time you complete a task, you'll have a random chance at receiving an egg, a hatching potion, or a piece of food. They will be stored in Inventory > Market.

To hatch a Pet, you'll need an egg and a hatching potion. Click on the egg to determine the species you want to hatch, and then click on the hatching potion to determine its color! Go to Inventory > Pets to equip it to your avatar by clicking on it.

You can also grow your Pets into Mounts by feeding them under Inventory > Pets. Click on a type of food, and then select the pet you want to feed! You'll have to feed a pet many times before it becomes a Mount, but if you can figure out its favorite food, it will grow more quickly. Use trial and error, or see the spoilers here. Once you have a Mount, go to Inventory > Mounts and click on it to equip it to your avatar.

You can also get eggs for Quest Pets by completing certain Quests. (See below to learn more about Quests.)

At level 10, you can choose to become a Warrior, Mage, Rogue, or Healer. (All players start as Warriors by default.) Each Class has different equipment options, different Skills that they can cast after level 11, and different advantages. Warriors can easily damage Bosses, withstand more damage from their tasks, and help make their party tougher. Mages can also easily damage Bosses, as well as level up quickly and restore Mana for their party. Rogues earn the most Gold and find the most item drops, and they can help their party do the same. Finally, Healers can heal themselves and their party members.

If you don't want to choose a Class immediately -- for example, if you are still working to buy all the gear of your current class -- you can click "Opt Out" and re-enable it later under User > Stats.

The blue bar that appeared when you hit level 10 and chose a Class is your Mana bar. As you continue to level up, you will unlock special Skills that cost Mana to use. Each Class has different Skills, which appear after level 11 in a special section in the Rewards Column. Unlike your Health bar, your Mana bar does not reset when you gain a level. Instead, Mana is gained when you complete Good Habits, Dailies, and To-Dos, and lost when you indulge bad Habits. You’ll also regain some Mana overnight -- the more Dailies you completed, the more you will gain.

First, you need to join or start a party (under Social > Party). Although you can battle monsters alone, we recommend playing in a group, because this will make quests much easier. Plus, having a friend to cheer you on as you accomplish your tasks is very motivating!

Next, you need a Quest Scroll, which are stored under Inventory > Quests. There are three ways to get a scroll:

  • When you invite people to your party, you’ll be rewarded with the Basi-List Scroll!
  • At level 15, you get a Quest-line, i.e., three linked quests. More Quest-lines unlock at levels 30, 40, and 60 respectively.
  • You can buy Quests from the Quests Page (Inventory > Quests) for Gold and Gems.

    To battle the Boss or collect items for a Collection Quest, simply complete your tasks normally, and they will be tallied into damage overnight. (Reloading may be required to see the Boss's Health bar go down.) If you are fighting a Boss and you missed any Dailies, the Boss will damage your party at the same time that you damage the Boss.

    After level 11 Mages and Warriors will gain Skills that allow them to deal additional damage to the Boss, so these are excellent classes to choose at level 10 if you want to be a heavy hitter.

Gems are purchased with real money, although subscribers can purchase them with Gold. When people subscribe or buy Gems, they are helping us to keep the site running. We're very grateful for their support!

In addition to buying Gems directly or becoming a subscriber, there are two other ways players can gain Gems:

  • Win a Challenge that has been set up by another player under Social > Challenges.
  • Contribute your skills to the Habitica project. See this wiki page for more details: Contributing to Habitica

    Keep in mind that items purchased with Gems do not offer any statistical advantages, so players can still make use of the site without them!

To report a bug, go to Help > Report a Bug and read the points above the chat box. If you're unable to log in to Habitica, send your login details (not your password!) to Don't worry, we'll get you fixed up soon!

Feature requests are collected on Trello. Go to Help > Request a Feature and follow the instructions. Ta-da!

World Bosses are special monsters that appear in the Tavern. All active users are automatically battling the Boss, and their tasks and skills will damage the Boss as usual.

You can also be in a normal Quest at the same time. Your tasks and skills will count towards both the World Boss and the Boss/Collection Quest in your party.

A World Boss will never hurt you or your account in any way. Instead, it has a Rage Bar that fills when users skip Dailies. If its Rage bar fills, it will attack one of the Non-Player Characters around the site and their image will change.

You can read more about past World Bosses on the wiki.

If you have a question that isn't on this list or on the Wiki FAQ, come ask in the Habitica Help guild! We're happy to help.