How a group plan can help you

We've just launched the beta version of our group plans! Upgrading to a group plan unlocks some unique features to optimize the social side of Habitica.

Team-based Tasks

Create a shared task list

Set up a shared task list for the group that everyone can easily view and edit.

Assign tasks to group members

Want a coworker to answer a critical email? Need your roommate to pick up the groceries? Just assign them the tasks you create, and they'll automatically appear in that person's task dashboard.

Claim a task that you are working on

Stake your claim on any group task with a simple click. Make it clear what everybody is working on!

Mark tasks that require special approval

Need to verify that a task really did get done before that user gets their rewards? Just adjust the approval settings for added control.

Add Group Managers to help manage tasks

Want to share your group's responsibilities? Promote people to Group Managers to help the Leader add, assign, and approve tasks!

Specialized Communication

Chat privately with your group

Stay in the loop about important decisions in our easy-to-use chatroom!

Increase message limit

Your message limit is doubled to house up to 400 messages at a time!

Fun Extras

Get a free subscription

Get full subscription benefits, including exclusive monthly items and the ability to buy gems with gold! (If you're already a subscriber, your old subscription will be cancelled but your consecutive subscription benefits such as monthly hourglasses will remain.)

Get a brand-new exclusive Jackalope Mount

$9 every month + $3 a month for every additional group member

Looking for a larger install with custom needs? See if our enterprise plans are right for you.

Want a cozier solution to manage your household? Family Plans are coming soon!